Mission Inspiration Challenge ~February 2018 -“Challenge the World”

Art journal page for Mission Inspiration group’s February challenge. It had a sort of steampunk like theme which I have not tried yet so it was to play with a new style.

The February prompts:

Items used:

Faber castell gold metallic texture luxe

Delusions ink spray in tangerine

Gelatos in red cherry and chocolate

Dylusions large stencil, old school number

Tim Holts tissue paper

Tim Holts ideaology sprocket gears

Ranger Black archival ink




“She reached for the light and told life, I’m not finished yet.”

This style of painting is from a Spirit Wings class I am taking by a beautiful artist named Kelly Rae Robertson who I am a huge fan of. Her techniques include some of my favorite things, collaging, mixed media, lots of wings, positive mantras, and using your intuition. 

This is my second spirit angel painting, the Angel of Courage. As I was working on this one, I was thinking about my sister Nicole. 8 years ago she almost died in a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Even the doctors were amazed that she lived. She’s one of the strongest persons I know. Although obviously her life has changed drastically, she gets through so many obstacles one day at a time. The hummingbird also has special meaning, it represents our sweet Gram who passed away a few years ago.  She was brave too. 💗

Have a beautiful day everyone. 🦋

Dance. Dream. Create. ~Mission Inspiration August 2017

August mission prompts:

 I started with gluing down book texts for step 1 and painted over it with some gesso that I tinted into a buttermilk yellow.

Steps 3 and 4, I used a script stamp by Recollections with Ranger archival ink. Washi strips from Recollections also I believe. My visual image I cut out of a ballet program from the San Francisco Ballet.

I mixed grey acrylic paint with texture paste and used my mini inspired words stencil by the crafters workshop.

Then I used the grey paint with a little water and a fan brush to apply light splatters.

And finally, a gelato border and a little quote.

To me, this one is about dancing to the beat of your own drum. Doing what makes you happy because it feels good, not worrying about what anyone else thinks. It’s about being brave and free and feeling alive. All of these things to me, allow more room for creating.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🦋

On My Way – Mission Inspiration June 2017

Another month, another fun and challenging art journal challenge from Mission Inspiration!

The challenge prompts for this month:

We are currently in the middle of packing up and moving to another state! So obviously you can see where the inspiration came from on this one. 

Patterned paper fragments for step 1.

Ranger texture paste and a Tim Holtz stencil for step 2.

A thin layer of gesso followed by some watercolors.

For my visual image, I found this picture of a woman carrying her suitcases and thought that was perfect for the occasion. She’s even wearing some black converse shoes like me! 👍🏼😉

Then I added some journaling, ” I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’m on my way!” 

I used a few different rolls of washi tape. A yellow gelato to smudge in some borders on the squares of paper. And a blue gelato border. 

Confession. I just now realized that I wrote the wrong word! Grace. It should have said Grow! Oh well. They both work 🙂

And that is it. 

I’m excited for our new adventure we are going on. From California to Las Vegas. Looking forward to seeing what new opportunities await us there. 

Have a great day everyone. 🦋

Galaxy practice

My first shot at a watercolor galaxy painting. It was definitely fun to play with this technique and I intend to do many more.

I watched a couple videos on how to do this on YouTube before I took a chance on it. But one of my favorites who stands out to me is called Maremis Small Art. She does beautiful artwork and I highly encourage you to check out some of her videos.

For my page I used a cheap watercolor set I had on hand and it worked pretty good. I’m really getting into watercolors lately though, and I really want to give this some more tries with better quality watercolor paints and see what happens.

I also had my 9 year old son Anthony by my side. We watched some art videos together and then we took on the challenge of painting our own galaxies together and had a lot of fun doing it! ❤️

Love. Create. Reach for the stars. ✨💫

Have a great day everyone. 🦋

Reach- Mission Inspiration May 2017

“Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.”

This month’s challenge prompts:

I loved the color scheme selected for this month! Some of my favorite colors. ☺️

I began with glueing down some lined paper from a journal my mother gave me, and some book page fragments. 

Next I applied watercolor paints in teal, light purple, and grey. I sprayed more water on top and let the colors move around and play.

I added some pretty washi tape that went perfectly with the color scheme. (I didn’t have any ribbon to go with this one)

I found this particular washi tape at Michael’s and it is by Jane Davenport. Some of the patterns were very whimsical to me and gosh darn it I’m a lover of all things whimsical. 💫💕

Step 6 was to make marks with household items. I found a piece of grip liner and a gold bracket of some sort, and used them both for stamping. I also used a toy yellow plastic cookie cutter to make circles.

The big butterfly in the middle was made using teal acrylic paint with a Butterfly stencil by Recollections for the outline and I filled it in with lavender acrylic paint that I smudged in with my finger. 

I used a Martha Stewart butterfly paper cutter with an old page I had leftover paint spray on that happened to match nicely with my page. Love when that happens. 😊 

I blackened the outer edges of the paper butterflies with black archival ink and a distressing tool. 

And that’s it. May mission complete.

Words can’t express how much I love art journaling. It’s so good for my creative little heart and soul. I feel accomplished every time I take a blank page and make something personal to me out of it. I can look at every page I have created and remember what was on my mind in the moment, what parts of the page were easy, which parts I struggled in. Some parts I did, and then covered up and re-did. And all of it was fun because all of it was growth and learning and letting go. 

If you would like to join in these monthly art journal challenges then check out Mission Inspiration on Facebook to inspire and get inspired! 

Have a blessed day everyone. Be extraordinary. Reach for your goals. Reach for your dreams. Reach for the stars. 🦋💫

Blossom – Mission Inspiration April 2017

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

This is one of my all time favorite quotes. It reminds me that sometimes, change is necessary. As scary and as trying as it may be at times, we all face challenging periods where the only thing that can bring about a different outcome is being willing to accept that something needs to change. I have also learned that things have to get real uncomfortable at times before we are able to find the strength needed to surrender and allow those changes to happen. 

I used to be afraid of change, …. but now I know that change leads to growth.  And growth always leads to something new and beautiful. 

So that is what was on my mind as I started my new page.

This month’s Mission Inspiration challenge included a suggested color scheme of orange, purple and green and I went with the word prompt, blossom.

The prompts:

I almost always start my page with a thin layer of gesso. Next I stamped some pretty butterflies using stamps by Finnabair and purple archival ink by Ranger.

Next I sprayed water on my page and then added orange watercolor paint in random areas. I followed that with another generous spray of water so the color would move around freely on the page and then gave it time to dry.

Next step was to add fabric fragments. For this step, I took apart one of my toddler’s old headbands. The band was made of pink lace and it had a pink flower made out of several felt circles. 

I painted gesso on to the lace to cover up the pink. Then I painted it green and glued it along the bottom of my page to act as grass. (The flower will be added on a later step.)

Step 4 was to add layers of torn paper or card. I tore some patterned paper and then I decided to go ahead and incorporate step 7 at this point as well by adding my quote to the torn paper. I used alphabet stamps with Ranger ink in black.

I added some colored borders to the torn paper using purple Archival ink, and distress ink in evergreen bough and applied with distress ink tools. 

After gluing the torn paper to my page, I also made a stem and leaf for my flower and glued them down as well. 

For step 6, I used a purple gelato to outline my page and then used my finger to smudge it in. A few doodles here and there and this page was done. 

If you would like to join these monthly challenges feel free to look up Mission Inspiration on Facebook and ask to join. It’s a great place to get inspired and to put your creativity to good use. 

Have a great day everyone. May you have the courage to bloom and blossom and grow. 🦋

A New Season

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. – A proverb

If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn. 

Everything is everything. What is meant to be will be. After winter, must come spring. Change, it comes eventually. -Lauryn Hill

I love new seasons. Each season offers so much new beauty.

Changing colors, cleansing rain, 

gentle breezes, winds of change. 

I never take for granted the unique beauty that each new season brings. 

When seasons change, it always feels like a good time for reflection. A good time for letting go and starting new.  I like to get quiet and think about what things in my life could use some change. Sometimes I take walks and reflect. Sometimes I write in my journal. Sometimes I meditate. And sometimes I create things in my art journal and see what comes up. 

Right now I’ve been focusing myself on what I’m grateful for. A lot has changed in the last six months of my life. I’ve been forced to let go of so much. But no matter how much I’ve lost, I know I’m still so blessed to have some of the most important things that gets me through. A loving rock of a husband, 4 beautiful kids who mean the world to me, a few good friends and family members who love and support me through it all, and a very strong faith. And when it comes right down to it, that is a lot!

Things will change eventually. And then……..they’ll change again.

In between all the changes, I’m just learning to ride the waves. 💗 🌊 

Art Details:

I did this page on a Prima watercolor pad. I was playing with a new method that I’ve seen in many art videos. I applied a fairly thick layer of gesso and then used a putty knife to press down and lift up here and there to create texture and then I let it dry overnight. 

I then sprayed my page with water and applied different colors of watercolor. Then I sprayed again and tilted the page in different directions to let the colors drip and play together on the page. 

I used Tim Holz Ideology tissue paper scraps (which I love!) and mod podged them down. 

Word stickers also by Tim Holtz. 

And a purple archival ink border by Ranger. 

Have a beautiful day everyone. Live, love, and create. 

And ride the waves of change. 🦋