Discovering Fall

It’s raining this morning. I have the perfect view of the changing colors of leaves on the trees outside my balcony. It’s windy and the leaves are falling to the ground in different directions. I take my one year old twins to the window so they can see this beautiful sight for their very first time. Their eyes are big with wonder. Their heads tilt to the side. They point their little fingers toward the window and express their thoughts in the sweetest soft toned baby babbles. I love these moments. I want to bottle these moments.

I opened the door and gave each of them a big orange leaf. They looked at the leaves, they looked at each other and they giggled. Emmy rubbed the leaf on her cheek just to see how it feels. She loved it. Rylee saw this and tried it too. They giggled. I giggled.

Having children reminds you of how it feels to look at the world with brand new eyes and arms wide open. To experience it’s beauty by truly being in the moment, ..every moment. They constantly remind me of how good that feels. I love that. ☺️


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