Art journal – Be gentle

“Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.”

There’s only so much you can do each day. There’s only so many different directions in which you can get pulled. As a mom of 4 I have to constantly remind myself of this, and I’m sure most moms can relate.

You get so used to being in “go” mode, it’s not always easy to switch that button off even after the kids go down. Your mind stays active. You’re used to running on frantic. You’re already mentally making your “to do” lists for the next day.

“Slow down and breathe”. That’s what my sweet husband always reminds me.

When I carve out time for myself, to make sure I am taking care of my needs too, I am a better person, mom, and wife. I am happier and feel more fulfilled. I recharge my battery and ultimately can get more done. When i can find a little down time I like to meditate, read, write, or sometimes I just catch up on The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, or even some old school 90210 on DVR (guilty pleasure!). I also try to spend some time doing a little art journaling each day. It’s good for my little soul. ❤

I’m trying to develop a more laid back mindset of, Do whatever I can do, and the rest is allllllll good. There is always tomorrow.  (That goes for you too laundry!)  🙂







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