Force of Nature

You are a force of nature. Harness the power…

I am feeling empowered lately. Not because things are easy. But because things are hard. And sometimes you accidentally find strength in the hard stuff.

Sometimes you have to stand up in the face of challenges and bravely say I am not backing down, even if inside you may be nervous and shaking a little bit. Sometimes you face obstacles that double dare you to shrink back into an old broken pattern simply because that would be the “easier” thing to do.

Easier is not always better. Real strength doesn’t come from “easy”.

Strength. It can mean a million different things. Some days it means speaking up when needed even when what you have to say may not be received well. Sometimes it means keeping your mouth shut and allowing things to naturally unfold over time.  Strength can mean forgiveness. Over and over again, for yourself and for others. It can mean knowing when to fight for something and knowing when to gather your peace and walk away. It means taking risks and not being afraid to try new things, new approaches, or new perspectives. It means not being ashamed to say when you’re wrong or you’re sorry. It means holding your head high amidst misunderstandings and staying true to yourself. It means not giving up.

Strength is allowing yourself to feel ALL the things. Not just the pretty, fun, and easy stuff. But the yucky, sucky, hard stuff too.  And sometimes it even means acknowledging when something hurts and letting yourself have a good cry over it. It’s no fun to admit when something hurts you. Crying is no fun either. But once you acknowledge the sting, it lessens.

Strength is not always doing the easier thing. It’s doing the real thing. The honest thing. Which when it comes down to it, is the braver thing.

Regardless of the outcomes of difficult circumstances, when I stay true to myself I win every time. Each lesson makes me a little stronger, a little braver and a little wiser. And the best part is, I never stop learning.





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