She set herself free

“She realized none of it was real and she set herself free.” For this page, I glued down a couple book pages to start. Then I gessoed everything and used various gelatos for my background. I dipped a chicken wire stencil in a small puddle of gesso and applied that in a couple of areas. I used acrylic paint with a flower stencil by Dyan Revealey. Small butterfly stamps I randomly found at Michaels. And last but not least I played with my new Prima Julie Nutting doll stamp which I love! 😊

This was my last art journal page of 2015. I have learned that a strong sense of self is so important. You can’t do anything about the stories that people create. But as long as you know what’s real and true and what’s not,  you are free.

In my life I have allowed myself to get tangled in the webs of other people’s stories because I cared so much (too much) about what others thought of me. I never wanted to be misunderstood.  The older i get, the less desire I have to get caught up in things.  I untangle myself and walk away a lot sooner these days with inner peace still in tact and it is very freeing.

I gently remind myself, “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to”.

With a growing self-awareness I can now recognize what is and what isn’t and walk away while keeping my peace.

Personal freedom for me, is knowing who you are and loving who you are, and not allowing anyone to make you question that.

Life is short. Live. Love. Laugh. Learn. And move on. Know who you are and don’t get caught up in things that don’t belong to you. 💗



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