Mission Inspiration -Jan 2016

Today I completed my very first art journal mission challenge and it was so much fun. Since I’m feeling extra brave today, I chose to photograph my process and share it here on my blog.  🙂

I am fairly new to art journaling so this is my first time following prompts which was somewhat challenging but also gave a nice form of structure to follow as well which was really cool. I learned about this challenge from Mike Deakin, a talented artist whose blog I have recently been following on WordPress. He has some great videos that show his creative art process. Very inspiring.

I am currently using a Dylusions creative art journal.

Step 1 was to apply a patterned paper or tissue. I went with this pretty floral design that had pretty shades of blues and greens on it.

Step 2 was to apply a thin coat of gesso over the whole page.

Step 3 was to use at least 2 different rubber stamps. I went with a very whimsical butterfly flourish that I absolutely love, and my ol’ trusty music note.

(Emotional Sidenote. I still struggle sometimes with that inner perfectionist who wants to see everything mapped out all pretty before I commit to something. By this point here, after stamping, I was already getting some self doubt going about where this page was going, unsure if I was going to be pleased with the results. After silencing those annoying inner critics, I chose to trust the process and continue on and see where it goes. And I’m so glad I did. When in doubt, keep going!)

Anyways!  Back to the art process…..  🙂

Step 5. (Yes I know, I forgot Step 4! …Facepalm.)  Step FIVE was to add 3 collage elements. I went into my personal collage collection and found these pretty tree background corners to use. Then I chose this cutout of a girl I found in a magazine. Since I’m a very whimsical, magical, purple fairy-loving kind of girl, I thought she was perfect for this project. I attached a stamped and colored butterfly wing to her back and gave her a tiny blue butterfly to hold in her hand.

Step 6 was to add 3 colors of your choice. I used Faber Castell Gelatos. I chose a light metallic green, a light metallic blue and a metallic pink-ish color. I colored them on the areas I wanted them, and then used a little water to smudge the colors around how I liked.

As I sat back and looked at the pretty colors, I felt like something was missing. That’s because something WAS missing. Step 4! I almost settled on just leaving it out at this point but did not. I tore some pages out of the book I use for this and applied them where I liked. I tore one into a heart shape just because. (I later added some color to the newly added book page parts to blend them in.)

Step 7 was to make marks with black or white paint. I did a couple of both to accent the bottom of the heart. A few black lines along the front of her dress. And some white whispy marks along the bottom of her dress and ground and also sort of bordered along the trees.

Step 8 was to add a quote or phrase. I went with “lives by her own rules.”

Step 9 was to add doodles. I traced along the girl and added some small music notes and a spiral and highlighted the heart blue.

Step 10 was to add drips or splatters. I went light and white.

And that was it. My first challenge done. But definitely not my last. I had so much fun doing this and already looking forward to the next one.  Join the Mission Inspiration Facebook page if you are interested in trying it out.

Grateful for the opportunity! Creativity is a blessing. ❤




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