Like a Child

Be open….like a child.  Be brave and free and curious and find beauty in all things…like a child.

They have a natural ability to always remain open and fully present in every moment. It’s inspiring. They experience everything so fully and with all of their senses. We were all like that once.

Recently I was sitting in a meditation class and the teacher asked us, “Do you ever notice baby’s bellies? They let it all hang out. They don’t hold it in, either self consciously or out of stress. They take full deep breaths. You can actually see their bellies rise and fall with each full breath they take in and out. It’s beautiful.” She went on to explain that we were all born like that. We were all belly breathers in the beginning. We learned how to shallow breathe  or chest breathe as we got older when under stress. We learned how to not breathe deeply or live fully.

Sometimes I wonder, what was I like when I was a child? What were we all like in the beginning? When we were free of roles and expectations. Before we stopped playing and having fun and life became more serious. Before we started doing and thinking so much instead of just feeling and simply BEing.

I watch my twin daughters playing together each day. They are 18 months old. When they need a hug they run to me with open arms and practically, and sometimes literally jump into my lap. They throw their heads back and laugh out loud. When they hear music they automatically start bobbing their heads or swaying to the beat. Always exploring. Curious and unafraid. They love and play and discover and experience everything without fear. What a concept.

It’s hard to balance everything in life sometimes. But I think somewhere inbetween all the working, planning, bill paying, thinking, and all things “adulting”, it’s important to not only find those moments but create those moments to also take risks, live openly, love fearlessly,……and breeeeeathe deeply… a child.



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