Mission Inspiration -Feb 2016 <3

“The Kind of Love that totally changed her”. This month’s February Mission Inspiration challenge was quite…..uhhhh…..challenging, to be honest. However! I’m no quitter so I worked it out and I’m fairly pleased with the results and I’m happy to share my art process with you.

Again, a big thank you to Mike Deakin for creating the Mission Inspiration facebook group and providing these monthly inspiration opportunities! The following is a screenshot of the challenge instruction details that we were given to create our art journal pages.

The Challenge:

The Process:

I used a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal for this one which I really liked.
The first step was to apply 2 colors using your fingers. After applying a layer of gesso, I used acrylic paint in pink and yellow. I was going to originally use horizontal lines only but then decided to pull both colors down the page vertically as well.

Step 2 was to add magazine fragments. I chose different florals to go with my background and used mod podge to paste them down.

Step 3 was to add a thin layer of gesso.

Step 4. Use texture paste through a stencil.(Texture paste is magical, I must say. 😊)

(I used a Tim Holtz Gothic layering stencil. (the floral one) I think I found this one for only 9 bucks on amazon!)

Step 5. Add marks with brush or comb. I used a dark pink acrylic paint and a baby comb.

Step 6. Adhere book text shapes. I cut out several hearts out of a book to go with my love theme and mod podged them down.

Step 7. Use 2 rubber stamps containing text. I used a small rubber stamp that says, “Don’t forget to fly”. And then because I didn’t have another text stamp to use, I used a text stencil instead and applied black ink using a Ranger ink blending tool.

Step 8. Add doodles with a colored pen. I added some detail to the yellow flower. Outlined the hearts in pink, and made a few into balloons. And also filled in the hearts with various designs which are hard to see in the pics.

Step 9. Add a quote or phrase like a ransom note. (The Kind of Love that totally changed her). I wasn’t originally going for the whole “love” theme, but that’s the direction it naturally took so I went with it. And hey, it IS February and all so it works, right?

Step 10. Create a border with washi tape. I didn’t have any washi tape to use for this so I made a pink border using gelatos instead.

And that is it. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my process. I love inspiring and being inspired by others! It makes me feel alive. ❤  Have a beautiful day!


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