Share Your Passions

I came across this on Facebook and it spoke to me so I thought I would share it with fellow creative minds out there who may appreciate it too.

I’m grateful for creativity. I’m grateful for writing and artistic expression of all kinds. Creative outlets that channel your thoughts and emotions. That is so powerful. I’m grateful for all of the inspiration that touches me daily. And I’m grateful for allowing myself to take risks and for finding the courage to not just observe, but to participate.

Everyone is so unique. Everyone expresses in such different ways. I respect and find inspiration in them all. It’s fascinating to me how something so personal to you can have the power to touch and inspire others. Who doesn’t love to feel inspired?   What a gift. So share your passions. Share your ideas and dreams and thoughts and fears and stories. You never know who you will touch. 

But most of all, create because it’s what you love to do. đź’—


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