Being Brave

I am fascinated by people. Fascinated by all of the things that make us different and unique. Fascinated by all the personal stories that make us who we are today. I love hearing about people’s journeys, how they got here. The triumphs, the failures, the challenges, the happiness, the tears, the struggles, the sacrifices, the things that we speak of and the things that we hold inside. We all have a story. Everyone’s story matters. Everyone’s story counts.

What’s your story?

I have my moments since I’ve started my blog where I’ve thought to myself, what am I doing! The truth is, I don’t know what I’m doing. And it feels strangely awesome. I’m just a girl who is writing because it’s what I have always loved to do. I’m just  a girl who is sharing what’s on my mind because there was a time that I never did. I’m just a girl who is putting myself out there and letting myself be seen because Brene’ Brown says we should all “dare greatly.” I’m just a girl taking small risks everyday and seeing what happens. I’m just a girl who is not going to let fear stop me from doing the things I want to do.

I’m just a girl living in the moment, because the past holds nothing for me and the future depends on what I’m doing with today.

And today …I’m just a girl who’s being brave.




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