Tea For One

Ah. My happy place. Twins are down for a nap. I make myself some hot comforting tea, grab a book and find a nice cozy quiet corner to take some much needed me time to recharge my tired little mommy batteries. I have a sink full of dishes. They can wait. I still need to blow dry my hair. I’ll get to that too. There’s toys all over my living room floor. It’s ok.

Mom-ing ain’t easy. Our daily “to do” lists can be endless. Just because we are capable of doing 10-20 things at once doesn’t mean we need to or even should. I could run myself ragged every day nonstop if I choose to. OR I can be good to myself by being mindful and taking even just 15 minutes to stop everything, sit down and simply breathe and enjoy the quiet for a few sweet moments. Whether I use that time to meditate or drink some tea and read, I am always grateful when my soul feels recharged afterwards. How about you?

As all stay at home moms know, we don’t get to clock out for an hour lunch everyday or even 30 minutes for that matter. No one is going to come tapping you on your shoulder to say “hey it’s time for your 15 minute break, go ahead and take it and I’ll cover you”. Nope, not gonna happen. We are the ones in charge of keeping track of our day and our own breaks and guess what, we need ’em!  We can be great at tackling our routines but always remember to include finding the time to give your mind and body some rest when you can too. You deserve that time and your mind and body will surely thank you.

So hear this dirty dishes, wet hair, and living room floor full of toys!…..you can all wait at least 15 minutes cuz I’m on break!

Tea anyone?


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