Mission Inspiration -June 2016

June’s Mission Inspiration challenge.

Fear is something that can try to hold us all back from time to time. What matters is being willing to push through it and not letting it control you. As someone who struggles with anxiety myself, I can admit it can be easier said than done. I am learning to “ride the waves” and gently remind myself that it is a temporary feeling and that it will pass. Some days are definitely easier than others. But I do my best everyday to not let it rule me. I thought about this while I did this month’s challenge.

Now. On to the art side of things.

Here are the prompts for this month. The first step was rather interesting, using fragments of food can labels. Definitely a first! Also using household items for #3 was trickier than it sounded. The rest of the steps were fairly standard.

On to the process.

Step 1. Glue down fragments of food can labels. Different, yes. But pretty straightforward.

Step 2. Thin coat of gesso.

Step 3. Make marks with household items. I used a fork to make the crisscross  marks in black and blue. And I used the flat ribbed edge of a tube of toothpaste to drag green paint across a few random areas. I also used the toothpaste lid to make some small blue circles here and there.

Step 4. Add splatters and drips of paint. I watered down some dark pink acrylic paint and then used a small fan brush to splatter across the page.

Step 5. Add collage words from a magazine.

Step 6. Add a focal image

I came across this image in a magazine and immediately knew I would use it for a journal page. Thanks to my anxiety struggles, I guess you could say that it spoke to me.

Step 7. Add small circles of paper. (I cut out small circles from a sheer blue paper I had on hand.)

Step 8. Add stenciling. I used a small sponge to dab dark orange acrylic paint through a Tim Holts small bubbles stencil.

Step 9. Add stamping. I used a brick stamp by Prima with black archival ink.

Step 10. Add journaling and doodling. I used a black uni ball pen to journal all around the image and then I outlined the words to make them stand out a little better.

That is all for today. If you want to join in these art challenges here is the link to find them. The next challenge starts July 9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/missioninspiration/

Have a great day friends! ❤️✌🏼️



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