Wings & Roots ~ Mission Inspiration Challenge August 2016

As always I learned some new things while working on this page. Some things that worked, and some things that definitely did not! But part of the fun is making it all work out somehow anyways. Which is a lot like life, right? Right!

Here are the prompts we were given for the August challenge followed by my personal art process:

Step 1. Glue torn fragments of map or atlas.

Step 2. Sprinkle on some confetti and spray ink over. I had a little trouble with this, as the spray definitely did not keep the confetti in its place. So I glued the confetti down to make it stay put. No problem. I had this pretty leaf confetti I had bought a while back and had no idea when I would get a chance to use it. And beLEAF me, this was a perfect opportunity! 🍂

Step 3. Add rubber stamping. I used a text stamp by Recollections, and  applied it with black ink here and there.

Step 4. Paint or add an image of a tree. I used a dark brown acrylic paint to paint the tree trunk, branches and roots. And  a Tim Holtz mini ink blending tool to apply a mix of some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in frayed burlap and regular black ink to create the “leafy” part of the tree.

Step 5. Glue on some thread, twine, or string. I chose twine to make deeper roots for my tree.

Step 6. Add a coloring book focal image. I cut out some butterflies I had colored in my Secret Garden coloring book.

Step 7. Make circle marks with a paper tube.  This was done with white acrylic paint and an empty toilet paper roll.

Step 8. Add shadows and highlights with black and white. For this step, I used a white uni-ball pen to make a couple random marks and also to highlight my tree. I used a black uni-ball signo pen to outline the small butterfly and a couple squiggly lines. Because who doesn’t love some squiggly lines?

Step 9. Add a border to your page with ink. I used black ink and the Tim Holtz blending tool to add a smudge’y border around my page. Also used a teensy bit of the frayed burlap distress ink too.

Step 10. Finish with journaling, quote, or title. After looking over my page, I found what I thought to be the perfect accompanying quote to go with it. “Wings to show you what you can become. Roots to remind you where you are from.” I wrote it with my white  uni-ball pen on some black shiny patterned and then tore around the edges.

And that is it. I happen to love trees and all of the meanings associated with them so I really enjoyed working on this month’s page.

September’s challenge prompts are coming out on September 3rd on the Mission Inspiration group page on facebook. So as always I’m grateful to Mike Deakin for starting this group for all the art journalers looking for fun new challenges. If you  are interested in joining feel free to check out the group:

Have a great day everyone. Like a tree, may you always be flexible yet grounded.  âť¤


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