Smile ~ Mission Inspiration November 2016

Smile. Good things are going to happen.

This month’s mission inspiration challenge included making a lattice pattern in the background which was a neat new thing to learn. I will definitely play with that technique again.

Here are the prompts we used for this month’s challenge. 

This is a pic of the end result of the first step, the lattice. I used a patterned paper I had on hand that reminded me of a sort of basket weave look and then glued the strips of paper down, lattice style. A bit time consuming but worth it.

The second step of using gesso over the page toned down the pattern pretty good. After applying some tonal colors with acrylic paint, I went and found some beautiful red leaves in the backyard for step 4. I sealed the leaves with mod podge and then glued them down. I outlined some of the insides of the squares using a charcoal pencil. 

I carefully selected a couple of the book texts this time. (Usually they are all pretty random) One of them says “nothing changed and everything changed.”

The other says, “there is something in the air, in the simple joy of movement that delights me, and I consciously choose to be happy and hope to God I can make this happiness last for a very long time.”

Those spoke to me. 😊

I had cut out this pretty girl from some packaging on a Julie Nutting doll stamp I purchased several months ago.  I knew I would like to use her for something in the future. She worked perfectly for this page. 

For this month’s quote I chose,”Smile. Good things are going to happen.”

I added a little gold paint to outline the big leaf and added a little gold detailing to the smaller leaves to complete my page.

If you are interested in joining these art journal challenges, you can look the group up on Facebook. It’s called Mission Inspiration. 

Have a great day everyone 💗


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