Spirit Angel ~Trust

Trust your own voice. 

I have always been a highly creative person. I started writing poetry at an early age. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of various arts and crafts all my life. A couple of years ago I accidentally stumbled upon mixed media art and suddenly felt like I found the thing I never knew I was looking for. Best feeling ever. 

I’ve been playing with art journaling for quite a while and I love it. What a beautiful way of expressing the words you can’t always find. 

Currently I am taking an online painting course called, “Spirit Wings” which I am really excited about. It’s a beautiful course by a lovely artist named Kelly Rae Robertson. I have loved her art since the first time I discovered it several years back in a store near Portland, OR when I was visiting at the time. Recently I came across her website and saw that she offered painting courses. I was so excited! I got so super lucky when she sent out emails advertising an amazing deal on her courses and I jumped on it immediately. 

This is my first angel painting. The Angel of Heart Whispers. 

At the beginning of the course, Kelly Rae walks you through several soul searching excercises that helps you find your inner mantras, feelings, and desires. For me, “trust your own voice” came up a lot which has been a sort of theme in my life. I grew up in an unhealthy environment that caused me to question myself constantly. It takes time and a lot of courage to undo all the patterns that create self doubt, but with time and new experiences to practice, ..you learn, you get stronger, and you love yourself a little more everyday. 

I’m really enjoying this course so far and I’m already half way through my next angel, the Angel of Courage. So stay tuned to see how that one comes out. 

Love and peace. 🦋


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