Mission Inspiration -March 2017 ~Regeneration

Regeneration- an act or the process of regenerating; spiritual renewal or revival; rebirth. 

“She had grace in her heart, and flowers in her hair.”

This is my contribution for this month’s art journal challenge for the Facebook group Mission Inspiration. 

The inspiration for my page starts from a different place every time. Sometimes it starts with a color scheme. Sometimes a visual image. Sometimes it’s inspired by the quote I’m using. And on and on. This month I had this idea in my mind of a girl with a big display of flowers in her hair. The quote followed the idea. And then the rest came to me as I went. Here’s a picture of the idea I started with before I began. 

The prompts:

I started the first step with some beautiful Tim Holtz tissue paper I just got. I mod podged it down in fragments across the page. 

For step 2 I tinted some gesso with yellow acrylic paint and watered it down. I ended up feeling like the background needed to get toned down a bit more a little later so you may notice that I began to tone it down more as I went. 

For step 3 I used a 12×12 stencil (didn’t realize it was that big when I ordered it! But it worked.) from The Crafter’s Workshop called Capricious. Along with some green acrylic paint.

Steps 4 & 5, I added my focal image, the girl with the flowers, and then I stamped a couple of fairies around her and a couple butterflies (because I am a whimsical kind of girl after all.) đź’«

And last but not least I added some brown credit card marks, a quote, and a subtle brown border to my page. 

May you have grace in your hearts and flowers in your hair. And may you let go of anything that does not serve you. 

Have a great day everyone. 🦋


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