Reach- Mission Inspiration May 2017

“Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.”

This month’s challenge prompts:

I loved the color scheme selected for this month! Some of my favorite colors. ☺️

I began with glueing down some lined paper from a journal my mother gave me, and some book page fragments. 

Next I applied watercolor paints in teal, light purple, and grey. I sprayed more water on top and let the colors move around and play.

I added some pretty washi tape that went perfectly with the color scheme. (I didn’t have any ribbon to go with this one)

I found this particular washi tape at Michael’s and it is by Jane Davenport. Some of the patterns were very whimsical to me and gosh darn it I’m a lover of all things whimsical. 💫💕

Step 6 was to make marks with household items. I found a piece of grip liner and a gold bracket of some sort, and used them both for stamping. I also used a toy yellow plastic cookie cutter to make circles.

The big butterfly in the middle was made using teal acrylic paint with a Butterfly stencil by Recollections for the outline and I filled it in with lavender acrylic paint that I smudged in with my finger. 

I used a Martha Stewart butterfly paper cutter with an old page I had leftover paint spray on that happened to match nicely with my page. Love when that happens. 😊 

I blackened the outer edges of the paper butterflies with black archival ink and a distressing tool. 

And that’s it. May mission complete.

Words can’t express how much I love art journaling. It’s so good for my creative little heart and soul. I feel accomplished every time I take a blank page and make something personal to me out of it. I can look at every page I have created and remember what was on my mind in the moment, what parts of the page were easy, which parts I struggled in. Some parts I did, and then covered up and re-did. And all of it was fun because all of it was growth and learning and letting go. 

If you would like to join in these monthly art journal challenges then check out Mission Inspiration on Facebook to inspire and get inspired! 

Have a blessed day everyone. Be extraordinary. Reach for your goals. Reach for your dreams. Reach for the stars. 🦋💫


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