Galaxy practice

My first shot at a watercolor galaxy painting. It was definitely fun to play with this technique and I intend to do many more.

I watched a couple videos on how to do this on YouTube before I took a chance on it. But one of my favorites who stands out to me is called Maremis Small Art. She does beautiful artwork and I highly encourage you to check out some of her videos.

For my page I used a cheap watercolor set I had on hand and it worked pretty good. I’m really getting into watercolors lately though, and I really want to give this some more tries with better quality watercolor paints and see what happens.

I also had my 9 year old son Anthony by my side. We watched some art videos together and then we took on the challenge of painting our own galaxies together and had a lot of fun doing it! ❤️

Love. Create. Reach for the stars. ✨💫

Have a great day everyone. 🦋


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