About Me

I live in the beautiful Bay Area. I am currently a stay at home mom of 4 who also happens to be married to the sweetest most supportive man on earth. I recently started a new job and a few days into it I told my husband I changed my mind and would prefer to write instead. He said quit the job and write then. So I did. My oldest son is 19 and he is a Marine. So I am trying to adjust to the Marines mom life. My second son is 7 going on 17. He is super smart (but he never stops talking.) I also have T-W-I-N-S. They are 18 month old little girls. They are SO much fun, but they are SO much work!

I started this blog for a few reasons. One is that I have always been a fan of reading and writing. I have been writing privately for most of my life and it’s something I have always wanted to do. Second, being a stay at home mom is a wonderful blessing and privilege. However, I also felt a strong need for something of my own as well. Something more personally fulfilling. A creative outlet just for me. And third, because I just wanna!!

I’m also currently experimenting with mixed media art journaling and canvases which has been so exciting for me. Creativity is a blessing. I have never felt so inspired. What a beautiful feeling! I have been sharing both my writing and my art journey in my blog.

I am fascinated by people. All of our common interests, all of our differences. I love learning about what shapes us into who we are. I hope to connect with many new people through blogging.


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